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Join me in my efforts to support Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund!

As many of you know, Liam was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in May of 2015. We are closing in on his 2 year anniversary of being cancer free this May, and we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone!

We were very fortunate that for Liam, surgery is the only treatment he has needed. Liam has an amazing Doctor who recognized standard treatment for his type of tumor may not be best in his situation. However, this past year has taught us, Liam’s parents, a lot about the effects of brain surgery in the cognitive part of a growing brain. Liam is a bright young boy with a great future. We are also very lucky to have a school liaison from the Jimmy Fund, to help us navigate the road to graduation with any concerns that may occur with having a tumor removed in the cognitive part of his growing brain as he progresses through school.

We also have access to amazing Occupational Therapists to get that left hand back up to par with his fine motor-skills, which was effected by surgery as well.

It’s these types of services that make the Jimmy Fund so completely and utterly comprehensive in their care of their patients. They don't just eradicate cancer, they treat the whole patient. To many, these aren't things that you would think of when you hear someone has finished treatment. These are extremely important services (and others we have not had to use!) that are necessary for the patients and their families.

We are participating in the Fantasy Day again this year to give back to The Jimmy Fund, for everything they given us: AMAZING Medical care, comprehensive support for Liam’s development; but most of all a HEALTHY child. Something we want for all parents.

For more than 60 years, Dana-Farber researchers and doctors have worked tirelessly to find effective treatments and prevention strategies for adults and children with cancer.

We all know someone—friend, colleague, family member, child—who has battled this disease. Together we can help them and the thousands of people being treated each day.

Join me by supporting John Hancock Fenway Fantasy Day and let's strike out cancer!

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Before submitting any personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.
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